Hair Topper Clips: Will They Damage Your Hair?

Before I started wearing toppers I had nightmares about one thing: the clips.

Toppers are designed to clip into the hair on the crown of your head. But, as someone with already fine, damaged hair clipping something into my thin strands felt terrifying.

When I got my first ever topper the clips were super harsh. They were almost painful to clip into my hair and by the end of the day my scalp felt super sensitive. When I discovered toppers, I thought I had found my holy grail solution. But those clips made me think otherwise.

Traction alopecia is a real thing. It's hair loss which is caused by clipping into your hair in the same area repeatedly. It's super common with prolonged hair extension use...and it's untreatable.

So, that's why when I was designing Lusta toppers this was my main focus. I knew there had to be a way to design topper clips which were damage-free, so I made it my mission.

I spent literal YEARS trying to design these clips. I worked with several wig-makers to design a solution which would work for me. I wanted a clip which would be super gentle on my hair, but also keep my topper securely in place all day long.

Let me tell you, that balance was very difficult to find. I tested out SO MANY CLIPS. Some were TOO gentle and could hardly hold onto my hair. Some were too harsh, reminiscient of the clips on my first ever topper.

But, finally, after years of searching, I FOUND THEM.


When I say these clips are the most gentle things I've ever clipped into my hair, I mean it! They are so soft and feel barely there. But, they're also super secure. Score!

To answer the question will hair topper clips damage your hair....well, yes and no. Many topper clips out there are super harsh and can cause hair loss. But with Lusta, you're in safe hands. We don't want our clips to cause any sort of irritation or hair loss. A hair loss solution which causes more hair loss? Na-ah.

If you want to know more about our incredible topper clips and the process behind designing them, I encourage you to listen to our podcast episode where I explain the whole story. Listen HERE.

If you have any other questions about our toppers or want to find the right piece for you, get in touch HERE.


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