Tips for Blending Your Human Hair Topper

A few things I’ve heard people say recently after receiving their first ever hair toppers…

“Toppers are not going to work for me, I can’t blend”

“I can’t blend this like you Kim, my hair is too thin”

“There’s no way I can learn how to blend this”

And I completely understand what they mean. Years ago, when I got my first ever topper, I was thisssss close to returning it because I didn’t think I could blend. I thought my hair line was too far gone and there was no way I could make it work.

But blending is an art form. And before you can be Vincent Van Gogh, you need to learn the fundamentals. So, I stuck it out. I spent an hour a day in front of my mirror playing around with my topper. And by week 2, I was blending my hair with ease. And by week 3, I was practically a pro.

hair topper blending

Yes, toppers are super easy. But yes, you do need to spend a bit of time with your new hair bff to learn how to nail your blend. I liken it to learning to drive a car. At first it’s so overwhelming and difficult. You over steer, then you under steer, you hit the breaks too hard and you’re always forgetting to check your blind spots. But now I bet driving is like second nature, right? Your blending journey is no different.

My best advice for new topper wearers is this- take a moment, breathe. Reserve some time for yourself to really get to know your topper. Reach out to us to ask for videos to guide you (or scan the QR codes in your care guide), book your unboxing chat, take the time to really get to know your piece. Unless you’re a topper natural, chances are it’s going to take a minute to get used to your new hair. But, you got this and it’s SO worth it.

Here's some extra tips to get you started:
  1. Clingy Fibers is AWESOME for blending. It's how I make the transition from my own hair to a topper absolutely seamless.
  2. Clip your topper in right at your hair line- then pull out baby hairs with a fine tooth comb or round brush.
  3. The front comb is completely optional! If it doesn't feel right to you, you don't need to use it.
  4. Make sure to brush through the ends of the topper to really perfect that blend throughout.
I know the videos I post make it look SO easy. Like all you have to do is plop it on your head and voila! And I promise that after a bit of practice it WILL be that easy. But in the mean time, go easy on yourself, practice some patience, you’re going to be a topper pro in no time.

Want some extra help with blending? Book a chat with us 👇


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