How Much Should a Good Hair Topper Cost?

Today we're breaking down the costs of hair toppers. When it comes to hair toppers there are a LOT of options out there... synthetic, human hair, different qualities, different cap construction... the list goes on and on. And with with these different options comes different price points from $10-$10,000. So, how do you decide on what to spend on your topper?

Before we begin, it's important to understand your own budget and needs. Some people prefer to purchase multiple 'budget friendly' hair toppers every year, others would prefer to save up for a high quality piece which they only need to replace every 3 years. Some people need to prioritise low cost, others prioritise comfort. It's all about what is right for you and your situation.

You can use this guide as a way to understand your hair shopping budget and where you want to prioritise or need to make sacrafices.

*Note: Prices are in USD.

$10 Hair Toppers - $100 Hair Toppers

Within this price range you are going to be looking at synthetic hair pieces. Synthetic hair is 'hair' made of plastics and other materials. Synthetic hair cannot be coloured or styled with heat. This can be a pro for some people as this means that you don't have to style the piece yourself- it will hold the style that it comes in.

Toppers within this price range will usually last about 1 month to 3 months before they start to shed or become knotted.

Toppers in this price range may not look as realistic or comfortable without doing some extra work. You might need to have the piece cut to make it look more 'you'.

We also like to mention that hair toppers at this price is rarely produced using ethical practices.

$100 Hair Topper - $500 Hair Toppers

Hair toppers within this price range are mostly synthetic, however, you may be able to find lower quality human hair too. Human hair at this price point is not usually 'remy'. 'Remy' means that the cuticle of the hair is all running in the same direction- just like natural hair does. Non-remy hair will therefore knot and tangle much more easily as you are essentially 'teasing' the hair when you brush it.

Toppers at this price range will usually last between 1 month - 6 months.

$500 Hair Topper - $1500 Hair Topper

At this price point, you will likely find synthetic and mid-grade, remy human hair. These pieces will last between 6 months- 1 year with excellent care. More thought is put into the cap construction at this price point so you're more likely to find a comfortable piece.

You'll also be able to find a wider range of colours and lengths. You should also be able to colour or heat style the piece if you want to.

$1500 Hair Topper - $3000 Hair Topper

Hair toppers in this price range are high-quality, very realistic and super comfortable. These pieces are often designed specifically for women with hair loss and thinning hair to wear on a daily basis.

These toppers also have much more longevity and will last 2-3 years with good care. The hair is highest quality remy human hair which is super soft and able to be styled with heat or coloured.

Pieces at this price range are often more bespoke and 'made for you'. When you receive your piece, you won't need to make any further adjustments as cuts and colours are often offered through the company.

At this price range, you'll also receive more support and guidance in your pre and post hair shopping experience.

Choosing Between Synthetic vs. Human Hair

Apart from the price, another essential differentiation is the type of hair:

  • Synthetic Hair: As mentioned, synthetic hair retains its style even after washing, making it low maintenance. It's great for those who want a ready-to-wear look. However, its lifespan is generally shorter than human hair.

  • Human Hair: Offers versatility. You can style it in various ways, from curling to straightening. It requires more upkeep, similar to natural hair, but also offers a more authentic look and feel.

Understanding Cap Constructions

The cap is the base of the hair topper, and its construction plays a significant role in comfort and appearance:

  • Basic/Classic Caps: These are machine-made, usually less expensive, but might lack in natural appearance.

  • Silk Top Caps: They give the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. Each hair is individually tied to a sheer base, offering a more natural look.

  • Lace Top Caps: Provides an invisible hairline, allowing for hairstyles that pull hair back.

The True Cost of Hair Toppers

While the initial price tag can be a significant factor in choosing a hair topper, remember to consider the ongoing costs. Maintenance, like professional styling, special shampoos or conditioners, and potential repairs, can add up over time.

Moreover, your comfort and confidence are invaluable. If a hair topper boosts your self-esteem and allows you to move through the world with more assurance, it's worth every penny.

Seek Professional Advice

If you're overwhelmed by the options, consider booking a free chat with us.

In the End...

Your choice in hair topper should align with both your budget and your needs. While it might be tempting to go for the most affordable option, sometimes investing a bit more can provide a better experience in the long run. Whatever you choose, ensure it makes you feel fabulous and confident. After all, it's not just about covering a bare spot; it's about feeling and looking your best.


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