How to try toppers for RISK FREE

It's been nearly 8 years since I bought my first EVER hair topper.

My first experience with hair toppers was in a salon. I booked an appointment at a local wig shop and headed on in to find the hair of my dreams. I was so freaking excited. For the first time ever, I thought I would have a solution for my hair loss.

I walked through the doors of the local salon and was bombarded with soooo many wig options. Hanging on the walls, the hair looked incredible.

I sat down in the chair and tried on my first ever hair topper. It was... well, it was mixed options. I definitely had more hair on my head, which was the ultimate goal. didn't look quite 'right'. It was quite a bulky piece, so it didn't look super realistic. It was also super itchy.

But, I was desperate. I needed a hair loss solution and I needed it now. So I bit the bullet and walked out of the salon with my first hair topper.

It was good...but it wasn't great. Especially considering the thousands of dollars I had spent on it. I began researching online for other options. I thought that it wouldn't be possible to get the right piece online. I mean, how would I know what I liked if I couldn't try it on my head?

I was becoming increasingly more unhappy with the piece I had, so I decided to just go ahead and purchase a topper online. I mean, how much worse could it get, right?

I ordered a new hair topper and waited patiently for it to arrive. And when it did....I was so disappointed. It was even WORSE than the piece I already had. The company I purchased the piece from, like so many other wig and topper companies, had a very difficult returns policy. I only had 24 hours to decide whether I liked the piece before I had to return it. I also had to pay a $250 restocking fee AND shipping fees. Before I even had the chance to play around with it I had to have it back in the post.

So, of course I sent the piece back. I lost money and I felt pretty upset about the whole experience.

Because of this experience, now that I have my very own topper and wig brand, I don't want ANYONE to have to live my negative experience. That leads me to...

The Lusta Get It Offer

The Lusta Get It Offer is basically our way of giving you the chance to try a topper or wig from Lusta completely risk free. Of course, our Lusta pieces are a lot higher quality than the piece I purchased online, but I still believe you deserve the peace of mind when purchasing hair online. Most local wig stores don't have access to higher quality pieces like Lusta, so when you shop online you'll get the creme-de-la-creme. The benefit of trying a piece in a wig store is that you get to experience the look and feel of the piece when it's on your head. With the Get It Offer, you get to experience this in the comfort of your own home.

Let me break down how the Lusta Get It Offer works...

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Consultation & Piece Selection

The first step is to chat with our incredible team of topper and wig experts. You'll jump on a virtual chat with us (or message us via Instagram or email) and we'll answer all your questions. We'll also help you to choose the right piece for you.

Once we've decided on the right piece for you, you'll purchase the piece online and wait for it to arrive.

Unboxing Chat

When your piece arrives, you'll book in an Unboxing Chat. In this chat, we'll walk you through how to wear your piece and give you tips and tricks for making the msot of your new piece. It's like we're right there with you as you adjust to your new hair.

5 Day Return Policy

When your piece arrives, you'll have 5 days (120 hours) to decide whether the piece is right for you. This may not seem like a long time, but in the luxury hair world this is an incredibly long returns policy. Most companies only allow 24-72 hours for returns.

We want to give you 5 days to really adjust to your piece before you decide to return it. You can take the time to play around with it, figure out how to blend, give it a restyle and wear it around the house.

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100% Refund + NO Restocking Fees + NO Shipping Fees

Did you know that when you purchase anything online the company has to pay processing fees? In order to recoup some of these costs most companies charge a 'restocking fee' which is usually between $100-$300. Plus, to the ship the piece back to the company they'll often charge shipping fees.

In this way, it makes buying hair online 'risky'. If the piece isn't right for you, you'll be out of pocket.

Because I know first-hand how scary buying hair online is, I wanted to remove this risk. I believe whole-heartedly in our Lusta products and 100% stand behind our quality. So, basically, I know you'll love your new hair. That's why Lusta incurs all these fees, so you don't have to pay a cent if the piece doesn't work for you.

You'll get a 100% refund or store credit (no restocking fees) and we'll pay for ALL the shipping costs.

Who does the Get It Offer apply to?

The Get It Offer applies to all first-time Lusta customers who are purchasing a stock piece without any customisations.

If you're making your first order with Lusta, and don't alter the piece, you'll automatically be eligible for our Get It Offer.

If you add any customisations, such as a cut or colour, then the piece is customised specifically for you and will not be eligible for a return. If you're a first-time customer and a little bit nervous about purchasing hair online, I recommend not adding any customisations so you can keep your eligibility to the Get It Offer.

Try Your Dream Hair Risk-Free

So, that's the low down on the Lusta Get It Offer. We've been so excited that so many women have had the chance to try on their first topper or wig in the comfort of their own home. You get to see it and feel it and understand whether it's the right piece for you. And, if for any reason it's not, you just send it back to us. Simple as that.


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