Human Hair Toppers with Bangs

We are absolutely OBSESSED with hair toppers with bangs (or, if you're an aussie like us, hair toppers with a 'fringe').

Something you might not know is that ANY Lusta Hair topper can have bangs cut into it. As our pieces are made with highest quality human hair, you can cut and colour them just as you would your own hair. And that means cutting in bangs too.

Bangs are fabulous in hair toppers for a few reasons.

  1. They Make Blending SO Easy
    When you have bangs cut into your topper, it hides the transition between the topper and your hair. This means you don't have to worry about blending your topper at all! If you're a topper wearing newbie, this is such a game changer.

  2. They Make the Hair-Wearing Transition Easier
    When you start wearing hair for the first time, it can be an overwhelming experience. The main question you have running through your head is "will people notice it's not my real hair?'. Although our toppers are always undetectable, bangs do give you an extra layer of confidence. If you haven't previously had bangs, and then rock up to work the next day in your new topper with bangs, chances are people will just assume you've had a hair cut!

  3. They Look SO Good
    Bangs are so flattering for most face shapes. And you don't just have to go for the usual front bangs, you can do ANY type of bang- curtain bangs, side bangs, wispy bangs- whatever you want.

We've talked about why bangs are so freaking awesome for hair toppers, but now let's take a look at them out in the wild 👀

  1. Blonde Topper with Bangs

  2. Blonde Topper with Side Bangs

  3. Light Brunette Topper with Wispy Bangs

  4. Balayage Topper with Curtain Bangs

  5. Brunette Topper with Bangs
  6. Ashy Blonde Topper with Bangs

Let us know in the comments which one your favourite is!


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