What are the Disadvantages of Hair Toppers?

If you know Lusta, you know just how much we are OBSESSED with hair toppers. Hair toppers were our 'cure' for hair loss. They allowed us to stop the constant worry and anxiety over our hair and begin the process of healing.

But for all the good that toppers do, yes, there are disadvantages to wearing hair toppers. Sometimes, we feel it would just be so much easier if we didn't have to worry about putting on our topper each day. To be able to whip our hair up into a messy bun like all those girls do so effortlessly on our instagram feed. So, today we're going to get a bit real about wearing hair and talk about the disadvantages of hair toppers.

  1. Tying your hair up
    Of course, all hair toppers can be tied up into a pony tail or a bun, but it does take a little bit of practice. You need to learn how to tie your hair up in a slightly different way than if it was your own hair. However, after a bit of practice, this new way of tying up your hair becomes so natural.

    Hair toppers can also only be tied up as high as the cap sits on your head. This means you can't do super, super high pony tails or buns on the top of your head. Instead, you'll need to opt for lower or mid-head styles.

    hair topper

  2. Clips
    If you're shopping with Lusta, this isn't really a disadvatage as our topper clips are Pressure Sensitive and therefore super gentle on your hair.

    However, with many topper brands the clips they use on their toppers can cause hair loss from tension. If the clips on the topper you're using aren't Pressure Sensitive like Lusta, you may find they cause irritation.

Okay... to be honest with you, I started writing this blog post thinking I could come up with a lot more disadvantages than just these two points...but I'm drawing a blank. The thing is, toppers are an incredibly easy solution which really don't have that many disadvantages, especially if you're shopping with a good quality company.

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