Get your head in the game! (your mannequin head that is)

If you're starting your hair-wearing journey or have been on your journey for a while, looking after your piece is extremely important to ensure it continues looking amazing!

If you ask around the Lusta Hair office or speak to one of us during your unboxing, almost everyone will say that mannequin heads are going to be your wig/topper BEST FRIEND!

So why are they so important? Mannequin heads are important for storing wigs because they offer a stable base to keep the wig in the shape of your head and prevent it from getting tangled or damaged. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Helps maintain the shape of the wig: Mannequin heads provide a firm and stable surface for the wig to sit on, which helps maintain its shape! We recommend making sure your mannequin head is a similar size to your head. Measure the circumference of your head to ensure the mannequin head won't stretch your stunning piece!
  2. Prevents tangling: Storing wigs on mannequin heads helps prevent tangling. By keeping the wig on a head, it allows the strands to fall naturally and prevents them from getting tangled. Lusta Hair is all 100% remy human hair which is able to be brushed out easily! But just like your bio hair, no one likes to have knotty hair.
  3. Helps air out the wig: When a wig is worn or stored in a confined space, it can trap moisture and produce odors - yuck. Storing wigs on mannequin heads allows air to circulate around the wig and helps it dry out, especially after washing it!
  4. Makes styling easier: Having a mannequin head to work with makes it easier to style your wig/topper. You can use styling products, heat tools, and other accessories to create your desired look without having to worry about holding the wig in place!

In a world full of options, the options for mannequin heads can be extremely overwhelming. They really are everywhere - Amazon, your local craft store, wig store, department stores and more!

So, how do you know what mannequin head is the perfect one for your hair? Easy! Just follow our list of DOs and DONTs before adding a mannequin head to your shopping cart ;)


- Make sure the circumference of the head is similar to your own! Use a soft measuring tape and check just how big/small your head is. If you find a head that is a similar size, just make sure you're going closer to the smaller size than larger - you do not want to be stretching out your piece.

- Buy a mannequin head stand! These are GREAT to ensure your head is nice and stable. A stand will also help the piece fall beautifully and ensure you can style your piece with ease.

- Ensure the your mannequin head is PLASTIC! Plastic is the best material. You do not want your mannequin head to be absorbent when drying or blowdrying your piece.

- Make sure the head is sturdy - you're going to be blowdrying, styling and perfecting your piece on it!


- DO NOT use mannequin heads made from foam, styrofoam, canvas, or any absorbent material. Trust me. No one wants a smelly mannequin head, especially when storing your stunning hair piece!

- Do not use styrofoam mannequin heads. They are just a no go. Leave that head in your local craft store. Our girl Holly used to use foam heads and take it from her - never again! Forget styling your piece on one of these.

- Do not use a mannequin head that is BIGGER than your head. You just bought a piece for your exact head size - there is no need to stretch it out.

Overall, using a mannequin head to store your wigs is a practical and effective way to keep them in good condition and ready to wear. Your mannequin head doesn't need to be expensive. It just needs to be able to to keep your piece in the best shape of its life!


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