3 Signs It's Time to Wear Wigs or Toppers

If you're going through hair loss and you've found your way here you're probably on the hunt for a solution. And one that's come up frequently in your google searches is hair toppers and wigs. So, should you start down the path of hair-wearing? Here are 3 signs it's time to wear hair.

  1. You're spending all your time trying 'cures', but nothing works.
    How many hair loss 'solutions' have you tried? 3? 5? 10? The harsh truth is that there's no scientifically proven cure for all forms of hair loss. Some people respond well to treatments, but if you have androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata, it's unlikely you'll see success with medications or treatments.
    And spending so much of your time and mental energy on searching for a cure can be exhausting. It might be time to go for a topper or wig.

  2. Your hair loss is holding you back from enjoying life.
    Are you at a point where your hair loss is making you skip going out with your friends? Do you hold yourself back from going for that promotion at work because you don't want to be in the spotlight? Wearing hair can give you the confidence you need to start getting involved in life again. It can give you the space you need to work through the grief of hair loss.

  3. You want to start accepting your hair loss and find ways to move forward.
    I can't talk enough about how wearing toppers and wigs has helped me accept my hair loss. I went from spending my days consumed by it, to hardly thinking about it at all. It's a strange thing, but wearing hair has actually made me more confident in my natural hair as well.

Wearing hair doesn't have requirements. There's no quota for amount of hair strands you have to lose before you can put a wig on. It's about how you feel and what feels right for you. Maybe wearing hair isn't part of your journey at all, and that's completely okay.

But if you want some guidance stepping into the hair-wearing world, we're always here to chat.


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