Quinn's Hair Loss Story: Telogen Effluvium

Hey! I'm Quinn 👋

quinn's hair loss story
Me before I started losing hair.

I've been working at Lusta Hair since the beginning of 2022 (if you've ordered a piece this year, chances are I packed it!).

Before I started working at Lusta, I went through my own hair loss journey.

It all started in September 2021. I was working at a job where I was unhappy. Long hours + a poor work culture was a recipe for burnout 🤢 I remember there were days when I would wake up with fatigue and force myself to go to work. My mental health took a major hit and I entered a really rough period in my life.

One day, I started noticing each time I brushed or washed my hair, hair was falling out. At first, I assumed it was because I was letting my hair grow. Since it was longer, this must be normal right? I would ask myself all the time! But by December, I was losing CLUMPS.

hair falling out in clumps
This huge clump of hair came out one day after a shower 😓

I became scared of washing, brushing, or even touching my hair. I didn’t tell anyone how worried I felt. I started looking up things I could do to re-grow my hair such as castor oil, and rosemary oil and changing my diet. This manic research session led me to discover the term ‘Telogen Effluvium’, a type of hair loss that occurs after a stressful event.

hair loss
My hair started looking super thin and sparse at the front.

The good thing about Telogen Effluvium is that your hair will usually grow back. That was a huge sense of relief for me. Nonetheless, I was desperate to stop losing more hair so I won't lie, I tried all the gimmicky things Facebook was advertising to me. Rosemary oil....hair growth shampoos... I didn't see any results with them, until exactly 3 months later. Which makes me think it probably would have grown back whether I used them or not.

One year later, I have stopped losing clumps of hair. Instead, it’s just the typical 50-100 strands. As you can see, my baby hairs have started to show.

hair loss
My hair today. It's still not fully recovered, but I can use fibers and toppers!

It was really scary going through hair loss. I had absolutely no idea what to do and how to fix it. And I had to deal with it on top of struggling with mental health. It was... a lot. I wished there was more information out there about hair loss. And that's why it's so incredible getting to work at a company that is trying to break the stigma and educate women on their options.

If you're going through something similar, never be afriad to reach out to us. We truly understand what you're going through.

Lots of love,
Quinn xxx

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Anushree Jha

Hello.My name is Anushree Jha.I am from India.I have been going through telogen effluovium.Can you please tell me what can I do during the TE phase to make sure I get my usual volume back after the hair loss stops.