The Benefits of 9x9 Toppers

Cap size, cap size, cap size! What can seem like a daunting decision can be made much easier once you know what you need. One of our most popular cap sizes is a 9x9 which is also referred to as a three-quarter wig due to the extra coverage you can get from a 9x9.

The best way to measure what the cap size will look like on you is to measure from front to back and side to side.

All our Lusta caps are constructed in the same way; with our luxe 4x4 silk section to make our perfected natural looking scalp with wefts added to the back and sides. So, ladies the larger the cap the more hair despite having a similar density.

However, by far our most favoured pieces have the 9x9 cap. Usually due to having the larger surface area and more hair, making it easier to get that off the catwalk look. The 9x9 also reaches further down the head which is amazing if you want more coverage at the crown and back of the head.

Now those pesky clips! No one wants a topper with clips that are positioned to sit in a sensitive area. A 9x9 is usually the most ideal to avoid all your sensitive areas as they sit lower; the hair in these areas is also in a less fragile state.

A 9x9 topper can also provide more coverage at the back of the head due to the extra wefts at the bottom of the cap.

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