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Everything you need to know about Wigs.

Class is in session.

I'm Holly and I've had Alopecia Universalis (complete hair loss) ever since I was a kid. I've been wearing wigs for over 25 years, so I feel like I've attained the title of 'wig expert' 😂

You might have clicked onto this page because you've just started experiencing hair loss and don't know where to start, or maybe, like me, you've had hair loss for a while, but still haven't found that wig that feels like 'you'.

No matter why you're here, I am so happy I can be here to answer some of those questions you just can't seem to find answers to.

So grab yourself a coffee, get comfy and get ready to have every single question you've had about wigs answered!

You've just found the hair world's best kept secret.

What types of wigs are there?

These aren't your average Halloween store wigs...

There are SO MANY types of wigs out there!

There are different hair types (synthetic hair, real human hair, and varying qualities within that), different cap types, different densities, different ways of securing them.... woah it can all get a bit much! So let's simplify this process. I'm going to walk you through our different wigs, so you can clearly understand how they work, and which one might be right for you!

At Lusta Hair, we offer four types of wigs; the Essentials wig, Lace-Front Essentials wig, Game Changer wig and Workout wig. Here's the run down on our four different wig types.

What do they look like on?

Click on the images below to see each wig in action! The main difference between our wigs is the cap design, meaning they all look quite similar when wearing.


Lace-Front Essentials

Game Changer


Thicker, longer hair in seconds.

Or maybe a topper is more your style?

Everything You Need to Know

Toppers and wigs are like sisters. Essentially, a topper is like 1/4 of a wig. It covers just the crown of your head and you typically blend your own hair with the topper. It gives the illusion of a insantly thicker hair and can cover any balding/thinning spots on your head.

Toppers have clips and combs which you attach to your own hair to make it sit nice and securely.

To decide what's best for you

Brazilian? European?

Hair Quality, Type & Design: Explained

Welcome to the hair world

When you start diving into the hair-wearing world, it can feel like you've been hit by a tidal wave of information. There's a lot to consider when finding your perfect piece. We want to make it as easy as possible to weight up your options and decide what type of piece is right for you. Let's go through the basics (hint: you can find more information on our Instagram)

Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair: Let's discuss the differences between synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair is usually made out of a combination of different plastics to imitate the look of real hair. Synthetic hair is often less costly than human hair pieces. However, generally synthetic hair pieces will last from 3-12 months, meaning you'll have to replace them more often. Synthetic hair is usually coated with silicone to make it look more shiny. This silicone can come off after 1-2 washes. Synthetic hair is also unable to be styled with heat or coloured. Overall synthetic hair often looks less realistic than human hair, do not last as long and are unable to be styled or coloured. However, it's less of an upfront cost than human hair.

While human hair is usually priced higher than synthetic hair, they will last much longer, depending on the quality of hair. You can expect up to 2-3 years out of your human hair piece with daily wear. Human hair is also a lot more versatile than synthetic. You can style them with heat and colour them. Basically, anything you can do with regular hair, you can do with a human hair piece. Unlike synthetics, they are also easier to put into up-do styles such as ponytails and buns. Overall, you can expect to pay more up front for a human hair piece, but you'll have to replace it much less often. You also have a lot more versatility and realism with a human hair piece.



Grade of Hair (aka quality): But does that mean that all human hair is the same? You might have come across terms such as 'Brazilian hair' or 'Euro hair' during your research. I hate to burst your bubble, but all you've learnt about these terms are marketing strategies used by companies to sell more hair. These terms suggest that the hair on the piece was all donated from one single location, where in reality, a combination of up to 4 different hair donors are needed to create a single piece. This hair is all sourced globally. And when you think about, is everyone's hair in Brazil exactly the same? Or in Europe? Of course not! We each have different hair, it doesn't matter what country we live in. Lusta Hair doesn't subscribe to these bogus terms.

But this doesn't mean that there isn't different qualities of hair. You may have seen the word 'remy' thrown around during your google searches. When people say 'remy human hair' that means that the cuticle of the hair on the piece all goes the same direction (just like your own hair does). Non-remy pieces are more prone to knotting and matting. But it doesn't just stop at remy! There are many different 'grades' of hair, some will last you longer than others. Some lower grade human hair pieces may only last you 6 months! Some companies coat their hair in silicone, which gives a shinier, glossier look to the hair, but after a few washes this silicone comes off which may create issues with matting and knotting. If you're buying a human hair piece, be sure to ask what quality the hair is. When considering lower cost human hair pieces keep in mind that low cost usually means either quality suffers, or people suffer.

At Lusta, we use the finest quality human hair possible. The quality of our hair is incredibly important to us because we want you to love your piece for years to come.

Silk Top vs. Lace Top vs. Mono Top: Let's go through the three most common cap constructions when it comes to alternative hair.

First up, silk tops. Silk tops are constructed by using multiple layers of material to conceal 'return hairs' and the knots. The silk top is all sewn by hand, meaning the other side of the tied knot is visible creating 'return hairs'. A silk top conceals these hairs and knots to create a flatter cap and ultra realistic part line. Lusta toppers have a 4 inch x 4 inch silk top, meaning you can change the part line wherever you'd like within this area. Silk tops generally are the most durable piece and will last 2-3 years with excellent care (again, this varies company to company). Silk tops are fantastic for an everyday piece and look super realistic. Lusta stocks three silk top wig designs, The Essentials Wig, The Lace-Front Essentials Wig and The Game Changer.

Lace tops are constructed with a single layer of lace which the hair is tied into. This means the cap is super light and breathable. Lace tops are also fantastic for styling super sleek looks or voluminous styles. However, the 'return hairs' are more visible (but this is usually fixed by blowdrying down flat to conceal them). As lace tops are more delicate, they tend to last about 1-1.5 years with daily wear. For this reason, some people opt to have a lace top as their 'special occasions' piece, and a silk top as their everyday piece. Lusta's lace top wig is called The Luxe Wig.

Mono tops have all the hair sewn into one layer of fabric. As this fabric isn’t as delicate as lace tops, they tend to last longer. However, they generally don't look as realistic as lace and you do still have the return hair ‘problem’. For some people this isn’t a problem at all! If you like having a high volume on the top of your head, mono tops are a good option for you! Mono tops don’t usually sit very flat or flush against your head, they sit higher than your own head. With some mono tops you can change the part-line and others you can’t. Lusta prefers a more flat and realistic piece which is why we don't opt to stock any mono top pieces.




No, it won't fly off in the wind.

How does it stay on?

A roller coaster is no match for a Lusta wig...

There are many different types of wigs out there, and they all secure in different ways. You may have heard of wigs that you have to glue down to your head, or secured with combs or clips or an elastic strap.

For our wigs, there's no gluing, there's no taping- nothing! Our wigs will all stay securely on your head without using anything extra.

Our Essentials wigs have a clip on each ear tab (the part of the wig that comes down just in front of your ear) and a comb at the front, which can be attached to bio hair. However they are completely optional (as you do not even need hair to wear these wigs!) and can be easily removed.

Our Game Changer wigs have silcone grip lining within the cap and an overall very snug fit to hold on to your head all over with no clips.

Watch this video if you don't believe me that our wigs are the most secure pieces out there!
*BONUS- Click HERE to watch me go on a rollercoaster with my wig.

What you've heard is probably wrong.

"I've Heard Wigs Are"

We're busting some wig myths.

We hear it SO often, 'I'm too scared to wear wigs, because.....". And that's totally valid. It can be super scary to take the plunge into the hair-wearing world. But there's definitely some misinformation going around about wigs that may have scared you off from even considering them! Watch this video to hear why wigs may not be quite as scary as you think....

Buying a wig online has never been easier.

How can I buy a wig online?

(Yes! It's totally possible.)

Buying your first piece can be SUPER overwhelming. I've been there. Let me help simplify the process!

First off, book a free virtual chat with Lusta! We can talk through all your wig wearing questions and help you find your dream piece.

Order your piece on our website.

STEP 3. Book you free unboxing consult when your wig arrives. We can go through how to put it on, how to care for it and more.

Small? Medium? Large?

How do I get the right size?

Let's do this together.

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of purchasing your first piece, or your first piece from a brand you haven't tried yet, is getting the right size.

Check out this video on how to measure and find your best size on our size chart.

Blonde? Brunette?

Choosing the right colour.

We're experts at finding your perfect colour match.

Ok, so you've decided what type of wig you need, you know your size... NOW for the fun part!

If you want to match your bio hair colour as closely as possible, send us some photos of your hair in accurate, natural lighting and we will make a recommendation for you.

Or maybe you're taking the opportunity to switch things up and have your dream hair colour, chat with us and we will help you find the perfect piece.

Watch this video all about choosing the right colour for you!

Are you more of a short sleek bob girl or prefer a mermaid waves moment?

What about getting the right length?

Time to get out that measuring tape!

Getting a wig means you can choose any length you want, without being limited by matching your own bio hair length. You can go for super long 24" mermaid locks, or maybe a sleek 12" bob is more your style!

Watch this video to see how we measure the length of our pieces, so you can find out what will work best for you!

The most natural looking wig you've ever worn.

Are they thick?

You don't want your wig to look 'wiggy'.

A very good question, as, yes, a lot of wigs out there are super thick and overwhelming.

All our wigs are precut for you so they are ready to wear, straight out of the box. This means that our team of stylists (among the best alternative hair stylists in the world), have thinned out the wigs and added layers in all the right places to give it natural movement and an easy to wear density. The wigs also have face framing and baby hairs cut in to make styling a breeze.

Can I customise my piece?

Get a piece that's made for you.

Sometimes straight off the rack doesn't work for everyone. Maybe you have bangs/a fringe, or maybe your roots are a little darker. We totally get that everyone's different and that's why we offer customisations to your piece by the best alternative hair stylists in the WORLD! We can achieve the hair you've been dreaming of. These videos go through the custom colour and cut options we offer!

What quality is your hair? I've heard of different 'grades' of hair, what's yours?

So here's the tea... 'Brazillian grade', 'Euro hair' and other words like this you may have heard, are actually just fancy marketing terms that were made up by the hair industry and don't refer to the origin of the hair at all. What this really refers to is the coarseness/texture of the hair. It's a little complicated and so many voices say different things. At Lusta Hair, we have the highest quality 100% remy human hair. "Remy" means that the cuticle of the hair is in tact and is all going the same direction in your piece. This is crucial for the hair to remain smooth and tangle free and last a long time. Our hair is sourced globally, is strong and healthy and the texture is smooth and silky. The hair strands are quite fine but not the finest, whispiest hair grade as we prefer our hair to be able to hold a style.

Does wearing a wig get hot?

Of course, wearing something on your head is going to be more hot than wearing nothing at all. But generally you aren't going to feel your head getting unbearably hot in a piece. I find that as long as I'm able to put my piece up in a pony tail, getting the hair off my neck, I'm able to stay cool (even in the 40 degree Celcius Australian summers!)

Can you go swimming in a wig?

Short Answer: YES

You can definitely wear your wig when you go swimming, in the ocean, in a pool, wherever, BUT- do note that this may shorten the lifespan of your piece. Personally, I prefer to use an older or a cheaper piece to go swimming to preserve my best piece. But I'm all about NEVER letting your hair hold you back from doing what you want to do, so if swimming is something you want to do in your piece, go for it!

Click HERE to watch a video all about swimming in a wig.

Do you have curly/wavy hair?

Naturally curly hair is very difficult to source, so we don't commonly stock naturally curly pieces. Click HERE to watch our curly hair tutorial. Another option is to have the piece permed, which can be done on our darker coloured pieces.

How do I care for a piece?

Click HERE to read our full care guide!

How long will they last?

With excellent care, our pieces will generally last 2 years. In fact, some of our customers have been wearing them much longer than this. Do not fear, the hair will not just spontaneously combust haha BUT you may notice the texture of the hair will slightly change, usually feeling drier as the piece gets older. Around the 1-2 year mark, many of our customers look at purchasing their second piece and use their previous piece for beach outings or cutting some fun bangs! What a luxury to have more than one hair option!