Are Hair Toppers Comfortable?

Toppers are a game-changing solution for women with hair loss. But, are they comfortable? For most women, hair toppers are a solution you'll want to use every day. So, you want that solution to be something you feel confident wearing in your day-to-day life- NOT something that causes irritation or discomfort.

Are Hair Toppers Comfortable?

Yes and no- let me explain a little. When I first started wearing hair toppers, I wore 'micro' toppers. The caps of these toppers were TINY- about 3" x 6". This meant that they were clipping into the most sensitive area of my scalp. And yes- they were pretty uncomfortable. The clips were super harsh on my hair and although I LOVED having a solution, I hated how irritating it was 😣

However, larger topper caps with Pressure Sensitive Clips, like Lusta's, are so much more comfortable! Most of the time I hardly notice I have anything on my head. I know what you're thinking, 'Kim, of course you'd say that, you're biased!'. But honestly, I designed these toppers for ME. I wanted a solution for myself that I would feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis. I wanted a topper with super gentle clips and a cap that felt barely-there. So, that's exactly what I created.

All toppers are designed differently, it's about finding the option which is comfortable for you.

Give it a try for yourself 😉

Can I Wear a Hair Topper All Day, Everyday?

Yes! If the topper you're wearing has gentle clips, there's absolutely no harm in wearing your topper all day, everyday. However, a different rule applies to sleeping 😴 Although you can sleep in your toppper, we don't reccomend doing this on the daily. If you're caught in a situation where you don't feel comfortable taking your topper off (think camping trips with friends or a first 'sleepover' with someone you're dating), you can sleep in your topper without much hassle. However, if you sleep in your topper every night the clips can pull on your hair causing damage.

Will Wearing a Hair Topper Cause More Hair Loss?

I bet you've heard of traction alopecia. It's when you repeatedly clip something into your hair (like extensions) or tie your up in a tight style every day- leading to tension on the hair resulting in hair loss. And yes, some toppers can cause traction alopecia. This is because the clips aren't designed to be pressure sensitive or gentle.

This is something I didn't want to risk. My hair loss solution causing more hair loss? No thanks. That's why Lusta uses only high-quality, pressure-sensitive clips which I spent YEARS designing.

Does Wearing a Hair Topper Feel Hot? ☀️

This is perhaps our most asked question. Does wearing a topper feel hot? Does wearing a wig feel hot?

Absolutely not! There's a couple points I want to make here.

1) Our caps are designed to be super breathable, so you'll still feel the cool breeze.

2) If you can get your wig up in a pony tail (which you absolutely can in your Lusta topper or wig), you're going to feel so much cooler. Which is exactly the same as if you had your own hair!

3) I liken wearing a topper (or wig) to wearing clothes. Sure, if I went out without any clothes on a hot Summer's day, I'd probably feel a little cooler than if I wore clothes. But am I about to go for a nudie run? Hell no! And when I go out wearing clothes in the summer time, am I thinking 'wow, these clothes feel so hot!'. Nope! You hardly notice the clothes you're wearing- and it's the same as a topper.

human hair topper

The key take aways from this post are:

1) If you choose a high-quality piece it'll be so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it

2) High-quality pieces don't cause traction alopecia or more hair loss

3) You can wear your topper all day, everyday

4) Wearing hair is not hot!

Do you have another question about wearing hair toppers? Comment it below!


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