Holly's Alopecia Story: Wearing Wigs Since 5 Years Old

I used to be so worried that people would find out I was wearing a wig. 💁🏼‍♀️⁠

I have had alopecia universalis since I was 5, I started wearing wigs at 7, and when I got to high school and all I wanted to do was fit in (like any teenager!) I was so anxious that people would find out I had no hair and had to wear a wig.⁠The psychological impact that having no hair had on me was huge. Experiencing hair loss is no easy thing to manage- especially as a teenager.

I didn’t want anyone to touch my hair, talk about hair, look at my hair, nothing! I would avoid any and all situations that I could be “found out”, such as swimming carnivals, sleep overs, school camps, etc.⁠

This went on for years, and going into adulthood made things tricky, I found myself getting married and I still hadn’t let my husband-to-be see me without my hair on!! (Finally showed him after we’d been married for 6 months 😆)⁠

When I eventually decided that I wasn’t going to let alopecia rule my life, everything changed.⁠ And a lot of that I owe to finding a good human hair wig. A wig that felt like me. A wig that I wasn't scared was going to fall off if a strong wind decided to gust by. Having a wig that I could feel good in meant that I could start working on myself- without having to worry about my hair.

I am so much more than my hair. YOU are so much more than your hair.⁠

I know it’s scary at first, but it gets so much easier the more you start to own your hair loss.⁠

You have the power! Now I literally brag to people that I get to wear a wig, and they are jealous.⁠

People match your energy and you can choose how to share your hairloss situation with others. Share a sad story, and they’ll pity you. Own it, and they’ll envy you.⁠

✨ Top tip: ✨⁠
“I’ve lost my hair and I have to wear a wig” — “oh no” 😟⁠
“I wear wigs and I get to choose my colour and style every day it’s so much fun” — “omg amazing I wish I could do that” 😍⁠

Never let your hair loss hold you back from being everything you can be and living your life!⁠


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