Any travel bugs out there? 🙉 I'm talking to you! As I plan my next holiday, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to share my tips on traveling with hair ❤️️

If you're anything like me, you've probably left packing to the last minute. Why did I not pack sooner? I ask myself this question ALL THE TIME. I never learn! It doesn't matter how many times I forget an essential while I'm away, I still choose to pack the morning of my flight 😂 Whether you're like me, or a lot more organised, use this checklist before you travel!

TIP #1 - Pack your hair in your carry-on

This one is important! Although there is a low possibility of your airline losing your luggage, we recommend packing your piece in your carry-on (just in case!).

TIP #2 - Pack a silk bag and a travel wig stand

Keeping your piece in a silk bag will protect it from losing its style or getting tangled! The last thing you want is for a zipper on your jeans to rip those little hairs out. Once you’ve settled into your Airbnb or Honeymoon suite, rest your piece on a travel wig stand! I bought mine on Amazon, and it easily fits in my carry-on (unlike a mannequin head ​😆​).

TIP #3 - Pack your own shampoo and conditioner (and AVOID hotel brand products)

If you’re new to wearing hair and your beautiful piece is still yet to be washed for the first time, read our products blog HERE. If not, you would’ve heard us say many times ‘stay away from supermarket brands!’ 🤪​ This also applies to hotel brand products. Let’s face it, we don’t reeeeaally know what’s in them... So just to be on the safe side, bring your own. Then you’ll be prepared to hydrate your piece after a fresh swim!

TIP #4 - Bring an older piece

Speaking of going for a swim... Bring an older piece! Save your Game Changer for dinner with the girls or date night. I always love wearing my old workout wig for activities. That way, I don’t need to worry about getting wet or dirty.

TIP #5 - Bring a blow-dryer, brush, and a hair straightener

Although your hotel will likely have these items, you can’t go wrong with being prepared! When I was in Fiji, my piece did not love the humidity. Thankfully, I was able to refresh the style whenever I wanted to!

TIP #6 - Don’t be afraid to wear your hair!

Let’s end this blog with a brief confidence chat! You. Deserve. A. Holiday. 🙈​ Stop what you’re doing. Book those flights that you’ve been eyeing! There’s no need to worry about taking your piece off at airport security (this was tried and tested!). Or losing it in customs. Trust me! Follow these tips, and you’ll be ready for your vacation!

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