Topper Density

Daunting density!


“I don’t want to look like I have too much hair”.

“I don’t want people to notice”.

“I want my piece to have movement”!

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The Benefits of 9x9 Toppers

Cap size, cap size, cap size! What can seem like a daunting decision can be made much easier once you know what you need. One of our most popular cap sizes is a 9x9 which is also referred to as a three-quarter wig due to the extra coverage you can get from a 9x9.  

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Toppers and the Gym

One of our most asked questions is how can a Lusta Hair Toppers be worn securely at the gym? But have no fear, your Lusta team have you covered with amazing tips and trick on how to keep your locks thick and flowing securely at the gym.  

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Everyone is going to know I’m wearing it!

So, you have decided that you want a topper. You have seen all the inspirational women on social media flaunting their lush locks in all the colours of the salon hair-colour-swatch rainbow. Now all that's left to do is bite the bullet and ‘add to cart’…easy, hey??

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